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The four-year psychology undergraduate curriculum has multiple objectives. The first of these is to educate students in a way that they have knowledge about the basic fields of psychology, can put their knowledge into skills and express themselves in written and verbal English and Turkish. The second objective is to educate students with the knowledge of basic disciplines related to psychology (e.g. sociology, mathematics, language, economics, biology). For these purposes, it is important that students follow the current literature. Students are expected to develop critical thinking skills and study scientific thinking skills.

Psychology is researching human behavior, so psychologists need to be trained as colleagues who respect ethical principles, value human dignity, stay away from discriminatory and marginalizing language, and follow professional legislation. It is aimed that our graduates will be individuals who have the skills to disseminate, question and produce the knowledge and skills acquired. Therefore, both individual and group studies are encouraged in the undergraduate program.

In summary, the objectives of the undergraduate program of psychology are to transform the achievements into existing services and to become entrepreneurial graduates with social awareness and responsibility. Psychology undergraduate program takes 4 years (8 semesters). In the undergraduate curriculum, basic psychology courses (such as clinical psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology) and various elective courses (such as family therapy studies, and  traffic psychology) are taught in Turkish. However, with English lessons and by following the current literature through reading and studying, students have the opportunity to graduate as psychologists have advanced skills in English.